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Meditate friends, meditate!

(a Rossella’s message full of meaning)

“My thirty years of experience, love, and care in the breeding of my beautiful Irish setters gave me the necessary knowledge to always improve the quality of Mezzaluna’s puppies.

It’s not enough having a good parent of a high genealogy, it’s not enough to pair it with another purebred specimen to obtain beautiful, healthy puppies, with a balanced character and potential champions.
No, it takes experience, knowledge of the characters, and nature of the specimens to be coupled, studies their family tree to avoid that a possible genetic predisposition at one or another disease is not enhanced by a wrong mating.

Then there’s the DNA  control of the specimens and much more.
For that, I invite you to distrust the ones who want to sell off the puppies of this magnificent breed.
For this reason, a specimen of the Mezzaluna, born at the Mezzaluna and purchased at the Mezzaluna, is always a unique and special specimen.”

Ungaro Bartoli Maria Rossella



With this message I communicate to friends and customers that by the will of my wife expressed on many occasions, the affix of the breeding of our Irish Setters passes to Mr Greco and Mrs Brilli.
I’m sure that your friends will commit themselves to continue the work done in all these years by my wife, taking care of her lessons, of her seriousness and her honesty. These qualities have been the foundation of her dog breeder activity and have always distinguished her. I would like to clarify what I’ve just said above to overcome bad comments after the passing of my wife Rossella.

I wish good work to our friends and I hope to see new and wonderful puppies soon.
Law Giorgio Marcello Petrelli

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In Memory of our Founders

CH. Orma dei Diavoli Rossi: Allevamento dei Diavoli Rossi del Dr. Renzo Guidotti
CH. Derrycarne Paddy Boy: di Maureen Mc Keever

In the 70s’ after a careful study of the best dog breedings of the time, the Ungaro-Petrelli Lords acquired a male subject from the famous “Derrycarne” by Maureen Mckeever of Dublin and a female subject from the Breeding of the “Red Devils” of Dr Renzo Guidotti, who was in Italy an important figure for the breed.
These two subjects as well as having given many satisfactions to their owners have created what then became one of the most important Italian dog breeding for the breed of the red Irish setter.
Even now the memory of Derrycarne Paddy Boy and Orma of the Red Devils is found in the look or the head of some of our subjects.

The History of the Mezzaluna Breeding.
The Mezzaluna Breeding was founded in the 1970s after careful research into the best domestic and foreign pedigree lines of the breed.

Mrs. Ungaro and her husband Avv. Petrelli have worked for 45 years on the genetic selection of the red Irish setter devoting themselves with passion, seriousness, intuition and tenacity and have produced subjects of great quality that still stand out for morphology and character in fact, the breeding has a large number of champion subjects and as many awards in the field of dog lovers.

“Life until the last painful caress has marked a truly indelible “footprint”  in our memory and our heart.
Proud, confident, certainly aware of your beauty and elegance, they remind you of the undisputed ring winner for many years.
We will never fill the void you left us because everything is about you, the photos of your victories, your trophies. This emptiness has become the lucid observation that we will never see again on this earth your unmistakable almond eyes.
Your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren tell us about you in one of which, and with this, the mysterious circle of nature is recomposed, just today I discovered the malice and joy of your gaze. You, meanwhile, continue to run inebriated in the spring wind, on the endless green meadows: goodbye “momma, momma”


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